It’s All About Data Quality

March 9th, 2016 Comments off

Leading Retail Brand Discovers The True Value Of Improved Data Quality And Enhancement.


A leading retail brand saved $77,625 per mailing after running Anchor Proprietary Data Hygiene Solution.

The Situation: A retail client wanted to take a deeper dive into their data hoping to realize the improvements data quality and enhancement could afford.

The Objective: Reduce wasted resources and increase response rates of their direct mail efforts by developing a data driven approach based on enhancing their data quality.

The Anchor Approach: Anchor ran the retailer’s 1 million consumer names through its Proprietary Data Hygiene Analysis to give them a snapshot of their data quality opportunities. Recent studies show that the typical house file is 10% – 15% inaccurate.

The Result: The client has a cost of $0.50 per piece when including printing and mailing costs. The hygiene and data enhancements allowed them to realize a net savings of $77,625 per mailing. These corrections included address correction, suppression of individuals like those in prisons, removal of duplicates and dropping records of deceased individuals.

Analysis Results:

  • 50,000 plus duplicates
  • 30,000 plus invalid addresses
  • Another almost 100,000 records needed correcting
  • 95% of the file had demographics that could be added
  • 21% had phone records that could be added
  • 27% had email records that could be added

Taking this proactive approach to data quality has allowed this Retail brand to enhance their direct mail efforts, reducing wasted resources and potentially increasing response rates.

To learn more about Anchor Proprietary Data Hygiene Solution contact Nancy Atwood at 631-306-9364 or click here.


Six Email Marketing Tips for 2016

January 28th, 2016 Comments off

As the world enters 2016 marketers can be excited about trends that will help them enhance their email marketing and customer engagement.

Here are 6 email marketing tips marketers should employ in 2016:

  1. Get Smart About Mobile
    Over 50% of all email is read on a mobile device. Adopt templates that are no wider than 500 pixels, this will help eliminate the need for recipients to have to scroll right to read all of your content. Enlarge the font to at least 14 pixels so it can be read on small screens. Put your call to action near the top of your email to ensure it is seen.
  2. Grow Your List
    Include a website popup designed to engage the customer by allowing them to input their email address in exchange for a promotion, typically a percentage off their next purchase. Collecting their email in one step instead of requiring them to click multiple times to fill out a form. This has been known to expand email lists 5 to 10 times faster than other email signup forms because it is a clear call to action that offers an immediate benefit to the user.
  3. Take Personalization to the Next Level
    Consumers expect businesses to understand who they are, anticipate their needs, and allow them to control how frequently they receive communicates. Smart marketers should utilize their email offers success history and analyze the results focusing on demographics. This will allow them to determine which offers are most successful with certain demographics. Pairing that knowledge with accumulated customer purchase history allows marketers to promote relevant products or services with appealing offers increasing their chances of conversion.
  4. Track it Even More
    Take advantage of the robust advances in analytics programs that allow marketers to see what website traffic can be attributed to specific email marketing campaigns. Email campaigns no longer have to be tracked and evaluated exclusively in the campaign platform. This gives marketers a broader view of the overall impact of their campaigns including better conversion tracking.
  5. Let Customers Set the Pace
    Directing email recipients who click unsubscribe to a manage subscription page where they have the option to set the number of times they receive email communications. 41% of consumers would not unsubscribe from a company’s email list if they were given the option to receive emails less frequently according to a recent study.
  6. Share your Social Responsibility
    Share your socially responsible efforts with your customers. Whether you are supporting a local food bank, raising money for a good cause or trying to save the planet. Almost 40% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that includes their social responsibility and charitable efforts in their marketing emails.

Implement these 6 tips in your email marketing to positively impact your bottom line in 2016.

To receive 6 more email marketing tips contact Anchor Computer or click here.


Building a One To One Customer Relationship: First Step – The Marketing Database

August 20th, 2015 Comments off

Create more personalized engaging and profitable customer relationships by implementing these 5 steps as you develop your marketing database.

Creating a personalized one to one relationship with customers can be achieved through the use of data driven insights derived from a marketing database.5_steps_marketing_database

“The average company has a great deal of information on their customer, but frequently it is not connected. When marketers have the ability to query all their customer data, the factors that impact consumer buying behavior are highlighted,” said Don Monell, New Business Development Director.

Here are the steps to take before creating a marketing database.

Step 1. Begin At The End. Define your Objectives and Key Performance Indicators. Determine the information you would need to craft the perfect campaign. What customer information is needed? Maybe their age, last transaction date, purchase frequency, purchase amount, items they purchase or ways they have responded to promotions in the past. Determine what a successful campaign would look like. Consider future campaigns and initiatives. Determine how those goals will be realized through the use of a database. For example:

  • Take advantage of marketing automation to reduce workloads
  • Create more personalized engaging campaigns
  • Save time by analyzing streamlined promotional results

How will you measure the success of your database solution?

Step 2. Develop Desired Reports. Review the reports currently being used. Then create dream sample reports that take all of the data points theorized in step one for this “perfect campaign”. These sample reports will allow the developer of a custom database to make sure that all of the data is included. Allowing for an easily accessible online query system that can be used as the basis of campaigns. These reports will be used in steps 3 and 4.

Step 3. Determine What Data You Have. Work with your team to determine what customer data you have. Take the data and fill in the sample reports from step 2. This will show what data you’ll need to acquire in order to more meaningfully personalized messages to your customers.

Step 4. Clean, Normalize and Acquire. Make sure all the data you have on your customers is accurate. Take the reports from step 2 and work with a data partner like Anchor Computer to clean, normalize and acquire the data you’re missing. This will ensure you have all the information you need when you build your database.

Step 5. Select a Database Partner. Work with that partner to create a realistic budget. It is often less expensive than you might think to create a real time database that is accessible 24x7x365.

“Anchor Computer offers a completely custom database solution that features an omnichannel marketing automation platform with built in email. This solution allows marketers to use data driven insights to better personalize messages to customers based on real time relevant information. We will be reviewing this solution during our webinar on September 17th 2015 at 2pm. I would like to invite anyone considering a marketing database or marketing automation platform to attend,” said Jim Spillane, Vice President of Database Solutions.


Tailored Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns: Take the Customer-Centric Approach

May 5th, 2015 Comments off

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing by creating tailored omnichannel campaigns. This can be accomplished through the use of an integrated marketing database solution that offers real-time access to data-driven insights.

Anchor Computer has enhanced its integrated marketing database to provide omnichannel marketing capabilities that capture customer insights allowing marketers to increase response rates by crafting tailored marketing campaigns that reach consumers through the best marketing channel for them.

Each customer interaction creates a record:

    • Which emails they’ve clicked or opened and how did they view those emails
    • How customers interact with the company website
    • Which offers they have responded to
    • Are they members of the company’s loyalty program
    • How often they purchase certain products or categories
    • Do they click on your online banner ads
    • How frequently do they respond to direct mail
    • Call logs to service centers and more

Combining these interactions in an integrated marketing database gives a complete picture of the customer and allows campaigns to be tailored to the customer based on business intelligence.

“Anchor’s new omnichannel capabilities helps businesses create one on one relationships with their customers. They need to take into consideration that customers will experience their brand in multiple channels at once. A customer could start a sales experience in one channel, like email, but finish on their phone. By taking an omnichannel marketing approach, our clients ensure their customer engagement is seamless, integrated and consistent.” Jim Spillane, Vice President of Database Solutions.

According to a 2015 Infosys survey: 78 percent of consumers are more likely to respond to personalized offers. And 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay as much as 25 percent more for an enhanced customer experience.

Taking this customer-centric approach, marketers can query the data in real time using simple flow chart segments to unlock insights into when a customer might purchase next or which up-sell or cross-sell potential exists. This instant access to the data helps ensure no opportunity is missed.

The partnership between data-driven insights and real-time access helps create personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns designed to reach customers through the marketing channel that is best for them, increasing the chances of higher response rates.

Click here to learn more about how Anchor Computer’s new omnichannel capabilities can help you increase the effectiveness of an integrated marketing database today.


Pull Your Best Customers Out of Your Data and Market Smart

February 26th, 2015 Comments off

Increase profits by implementing Anchor Computer’s four-step customer profile process designed to help marketing professionals break through the clutter by marketing smart.

best_customer_for_press_releaseStep One: Compile, Standardize and Clean your Data

Collect your customer and prospect data including contact information, transactional data (in store, online and catalog) if available and any other relevant information. Work with a company like Anchor Computer that can standardize and clean the data to ensure all of the records are accurate.

Step Two: Enhance the Data

Enrich the data by utilizing third party data to add information like demographics (age, income, interests, and home value), email addresses, phone numbers (landline & wireless), life cycle trigger dates like anniversaries and more.

Step Three: Pull your Best Customers

Now that you have enhanced your data, companies like Anchor Computer can use this data to create a model of your best customer. The model can give valuable insight. Review the demographics of the best customers and compare them to new customers or prospects. This comparison can help to determine which customers are the best prospects or have the most long term potential.

Step Four: Market Smart

Your data is organized and enhanced! Use it to MARKET SMART. Implement a marketing plan by segmenting your data into related demographics to tailor your marketing message to specific customer profiles. Test various channels to determine who responds to different types of marketing: online, direct mail, email or phone. This testing will allow you to communicate with your customers through their preferred medium to increase potential profits.

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